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On-Demand Webinars for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Researchers

Join the Alzheimer’s Association for a series of webinars that discuss how dementia and Alzheimer's research can move science forward despite the barriers created by the COVID-19 pandemic. These webinars share the latest advances in neuroscience, as well as strategies for career development and researcher education.


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Educational Session: Neuroimaging of ADRD: Amyloid- and Tau-PET

Recorded on Oct. 8, 2020
Part of the Neuroimaging PIA educational series, this webinar provides an overview of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging to detect the pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer’s: amyloid plaques and tau tangles. Presentations introduce the targeted neuropathologies and existing radiotracers, and discuss the clinical use of PET and relationships to fluid biomarkers.

Gil Rabinovici and Michael Scholl


ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author

Recorded on Sept. 30, 2020
Wagner Brum will lead a conversation with Thomas Karikari, Tharick Pascoal and Kaj Blennow about the paper, Blood Phosphorylated Tau 181 as a Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease: A Diagnostic Performance and Prediction Modelling Study Using Data from Four Prospective Cohorts, published in Lancet Neurology 2020.

Breno Barbosa will lead a conversation with Sebastian Palmqvist about the paper, Discriminative Accuracy of Plasma Phospho-tau217 for Alzheimer Disease vs. Other Neurodegenerative Disorders, published in JAMA 2020.


Educational Session: Neuroimaging of ADRD: fMRI and FDG-PET

Recorded on Sept. 24, 2020
Part of the Neuroimaging PIA educational series, this webinar introduces neuroimaging tools to measure brain activity: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) for glucose metabolism and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). Both presentations include a general overview of the technique and their application to research and clinical settings.

Val Lowe and Diana Otero Svaldi


LAC-CD: Advances in Latin American Research

Recorded on Sept. 23, 2020
The Latin America and Caribbean Consortium on Dementia discusses the latest research updates.

Jorge Llibre Guerra, Mario Parra, Walt Dawson, Nilton Custodio, Laís Fajersztajn and Agustin Ibanez


Research Update: Imaging the Vascular Contribution to Cognitive Impairment

Recorded on Sept. 17, 2020
Part of the Neuroimaging PIA educational series, this webinar presents the scope and latest imaging and methodological advances to understand the role of vascular damage in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Sandra Black, Carole Sudre and Prashanthi Vemuri


Educational Session: Neuroimaging of ADRD: Structural and Vascular MRI

Recorded on Sept. 10, 2020
Part of the Neuroimaging PIA educational series, this webinar focuses on the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to measure brain structure and vascular injuries. Presenters explain how MRI can be used to quantify these brain alterations and how such imaging findings relate to aging and neurodegenerative diseases.

Laura Wisse and Prashanthi Vemuri


LAC-CD: Advances in Latin American Research

Recorded on Sept. 9, 2020
Updates from the Latin America and Caribbean Consortium on Dementia (LAC-CD) on phenotyping dementias and biomarkers.

Agustin Ibanez, Stefanie Piña Escudero, M.D., Maira Okada, Adolfo Garcia, Christian Gonzalez, Mario Parra, Andres Damian and Claudia Durán


Health Equity, ALZ and Me: Part I

Recorded on July 8, 2020
Race. Socioeconomic position. Inequalities. Disparities. Health equity. How do we define these terms and how do they impact our work in communities? Join us for the first of a three-part webinar series. This presentation for Alzheimer's Association Staff will define health equity and how disproportionate outcomes in Alzheimer's and other dementia affects our communities.

Camara Jones, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.


ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author

Recorded on July 8, 2020
Yuliya Yoskobiynyk will lead a conversation with Yingyue Zhou and Marco Colonna about the paper Human and Mouse Single-Nucleus Transcriptomics Reveal TREM2-Dependent and TREM2-Independent Cellular Responses in Alzheimer's Disease, published in Nature Medicine.

James Quinn will lead a conversation with Erik Johnson and Nicholas Seyfried about the paper Large-Scale Proteomic Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Brain and Cerebrospinal Fluid Reveals Early Changes in Energy Metabolism Associated With Microglia and Astrocyte Activation, published in Nature Medicine.


COVID-19 Pandemic: Considerations for Reopening Wet Labs

Recorded on July 7, 2020
Join eminent researchers and emerging leaders from around the globe, along with representatives of the Alzheimer's Association and U.S. National Institute on Aging, for a conversation about challenges and opportunities related to reopening wet labs and restarting bench science in the context of the current global pandemic.

Ph.D.s Maria Carrillo, Eliezer Masliah, Malú Gámez Tansey, Bruce Lamb, Donna Wilcock, Robert Rissman, Eleanor Drummond, Jennifer Yokoyama and Selina Wray


ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author

Recorded on July 1, 2020
Oz Ismail will lead a conversation with Axel Montagne and Berislav V. Zlokovic about the paper APOE4 Leads to Blood-Brain Barrier Dysfunction Predicting Cognitive Decline, published in Nature.

Lindsay Welikovitch will lead a conversation with Lay Kodama about the paper Microglial microRNAs Mediate Sex-Specific Responses to Tau Pathology, published in Nature Neuroscience.


ISTAART Journal Club: Meet the Author

Recorded on June 24, 2020
Alexander Ehrenberg will lead a conversation with Val Lowe and Melissa Murray about the paper Tau-positron Emission Tomography Correlates With Neuropathology Findings, published in Alzheimer's & Dementia.

Karen Dorsman will lead a conversation with Miguel Arce Renterίa and Jennifer J. Manly about the paper Illiteracy, Dementia Risk, and Cognitive Trajectories Among Older Adults With Low Education, published in Neurology.


COVID-19 and Guidance for Clinical Studies

Recorded on June 23, 2020
This webinar focuses on guidance on scientific/medical practices for clinical studies related to Alzheimer's and related dementias, including the challenges, opportunities and adjustments regarding research activities and their sites.

Ph.D.s Greg Jicha, José Luis Molinuevo and Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath

International Alzheimer's Symposium Spanish Webinar

Recorded on June 20, 2020
The Alzheimer's Association — in collaboration with UCSF, Global Brain Health Institute and Well Connected Español — invites you to the first International Alzheimer's Symposium for families facing this disease and public in general via Zoom and Facebook. Neurologists and Geriatric specialists will present virtually on issues about Alzheimer's disease including latest advances in research, clinical studies and how to care for the caregiver.



COVID-19 in Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Research

Recorded on June 9, 2020
ISTAART members only. This webinar will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials involving people living with Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease. Moderated by Katherine Koenig, Ph.D.

Ph.D.s Joaquin Espinosa and Florencia Iulita


How to Use GAAIN for Your Research: Data Discovery and Interrogator

Recorded on June 8, 2020
Data discovery and interrogation from multiple studies need a platform to collect information. The Global Alzheimer's Association Interactive Network (GAAIN) team and two Alzheimer's Association fellow awardees discuss how they apply data discovery and interrogation to their work.

Ph.D.s Arthur Toga, Christopher Kaufmann and Duygu Tosun-Turgut


Design, Deliver and Promote Engaging Virtual Presentations: Poster and Oral at AAIC 2020

Recorded on June 4, 2020
Learn tips on designing, promoting and delivering engaging virtual presentations — both for virtual posters and oral sessions at AAIC 2020.


Design and Data Analytics (DaDA)

Recorded on June 3, 2020
ISTAART members only. The DaDA PIA will host its next hour-long webinar, within- and between-person change and variation in longitudinal designs. Reference the ISTAART Member Center, email communications and calendar invitations for call-in details. Moderated by Philippe Rast, Ph.D.


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Research, Career Considerations and Future Planning

Recorded on May 12, 2020
This webinar is focused on the workforce – what are considerations and activities to support the research workforce at every career level. Moderated by Malú Tansey, Ph.D.

Ph.D.s Nicola Lautenschlager, Melissa Murray, Rachel Whitmer and Henrik Zetterberg


Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical and Social Behavioral Research (Intervention and Observation)

Recorded on May 5, 2020
This virtual discussion addresses the opportunities and challenges affecting how researchers, departments and collaborators are connecting during social distancing and stay at home orders, and share their Sharing plans for re-opening and re-initiating work. Moderated by Ph.D.s David Knopman and Mary Sano.

Ph.D.s Laura Baker, CJ Barnum, José Luis Molinuevo, Kendra Ray and Reisa Sperling

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